ecological meets vegan

A warm welcome!

It’s great that you have found us. Since 2015, we have been touring Germany with the “Fair for Plant-Based Lifestyle & Ecological Sustainability”. We stop in 8 to 10 cities every year and are sure to be near you.

What is it about? Veggienale & FairGoods presents the best products and ideas for a sustainable and plant-based lifestyle. We want to show the whole range and variety of possibilities in everyday life, from “eco” to “vegan”.

Concretely? In addition to the marketplace with exhibitors, there will be a colorful supporting program with expert lectures, workshops, cooking shows, hands-on activities for children – pure infotainment!

Come by and let yourself be inspired!


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Event dates:

Our dates for the year 2022 are fixed. Further important information about coronavirus and our events can also be found here.

  • Freiburg on 14th/15th May ’22
  • Cologne on 21th/22th May ’22
  • Nuremberg o 18th/19th June ’22 (new date)
  • Hanover on June 25/26 ’22 (new date)
  • Stuttgart region on 17th/18th September ’22
  • Leipzig on 8th/9th October ’22
  • Frankfurt a.M. on 29th/30th October ’22
  • Muenster on 5th/6th November ’22
  • Hamburg on 3th/4th December ’22
  • Berlin on 21th/22th January ’23

You have founded a start-up or are already successful with your company and have a suitable offer? Then apply to become an exhibitor!

Become an exhibitor

Basic questions about sustainable & vegan lifestyle

  • What if everything had at least a second meaning?
  • If we only ate plant-based foods that were also healthy?
  • If we only wore on our skin what we could be responsible for?
  • If we cared for old products instead of disposing of them?
  • When we can enjoy the stories of all the things that surround us?
  • If we learn to love and respect all life on this planet and act accordingly?
  • If we let our food be the means of life again?
  • If we choose now what will enrich our everyday life also in the future?

The answers to all these questions can already be found now. We look beyond the horizon of everyday consumption and present you with sustainable and plant-based alternatives. And in doing so, we show not only the great variety of good products, but also how joie de vivre and responsibility can be practically combined in everyday life.

Veggienale & FairGoods is an event to look at, to get to know, to try and above all to participate!

We offer free workshops, exciting lectures and a challenging stage program with cooking shows, fashion presentations and much more. You will find products and services from the following areas with us:


organic, fair, vegan, regionally produced

Fashion & Textiles

Fairly produced, certified organic


certified, natural, without animal testing

Home and Household

real green electricity, upcycled furniture, energy-efficient appliances


ethical investments, green investments

Mobility & Travel

Electromobility, cycling, sustainable tourism