LA MARA Chocolaterie

  • 22 February 2022

“Quit or revolutionise the confectionery scene?” Max and Tamara from LA MARA asked themselves this question. We opted for the latter. At LA MARA, we want to be pioneers of a stylish yet sustainable system of cocoa farming and chocolate making. For many years we tinkered with herbal recipes that ignite the ultimate palate fireworks. “Vegan, that doesn’t taste good!” has often been said. We want to show that this is possible. See for yourself! With natural raw materials – no chemicals and no frills – we have created a yummy selection of plant-based treats for you. Plastic, no thanks! Stylish paper and glass packaging sets the scene for the delicious chocolates and chocolate-coated nuts. Our chocolate bars are packaged in bioplastic film made from renewable raw materials. All recyclable, reusable and even biodegradable. Through quality raw materials with a low carbon footprint, CO2 neutral shipping and eco-powered manufacturing, we want to give something back to nature with every chocolate. Because no chocolate is not the solution either!