Acting out of conviction

Everything green(er)? There’s still something to do …

Behind the scenes of the agency for ecological events ECOVENTA GmbH

We are convinced that change starts with each individual and that everyone can do something! Together we can achieve great things. Through information and education, we want to inspire even more people with the idea of a more sustainable & vegan lifestyle.

Our projects are therefore exclusively subordinated to the goal of supporting (more) sustainable action in the private, professional and business spheres. We see ourselves as economic promoters in the classical sense, especially for the yet unknown initiatives, projects and product ideas.

We live sustainability

We are not only convinced by our projects. We also live sustainability in our private everyday life and discover new potentials to improve our own actions every day. Our love of nature and quality of life unites and motivates us.

We communicate with each other openly and in flat hierarchies. This allows for flexible decision-making and everyone can contribute ideas to our projects.

Sustainable office

We take it for granted that we work in a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way in the office. Nevertheless, here are a few brief explanations of what we specifically value:

  • We use real green electricity for our office work.
  • We also use 100% green electricity for our web hosting.
  • We serve our guests fair trade coffee and delicious organic juices.
  • 90% of our office furniture is bought second-hand, made from upcycled materials or demonstrably from resource-saving, sustainable production.
  • We use public transport and trains for appointments and business trips away from home.
  • We are still a long way from a paperless office, but we only print out what is really necessary.
  • We recycle overprinted advertising material.
  • We order office supplies from a well-known supplier of environmentally friendly office products.

Climate-friendly events

  • We realise our fairs according to the principle of avoiding, reducing and compensating CO2.
  • We implement an environmentally friendly waste concept at our trade fairs.
  • The choice of materials for stand construction, stand equipment, stage and visitor guidance is geared towards long-lasting, repeatable use. For example, we use an ecological exhibition wall system made of recycled cardboard, B1-certified, easy to transport and repeatable in use.
  • When selecting locations, we pay attention to sustainable aspects (where possible) and also try to encourage the operators to make changes (where necessary).
  • For travelling to the venues, we primarily use trains, buses and public transport. On site, we like to use the bicycle.
  • The catering at our events is oriented towards the demands of regional, organic, fair and vegan.
    Our printed materials (e.g. flyers, posters) are produced in a climate-neutral way. We work together with ecologically oriented printing companies.

Proper entrepreneurship, clean business practices

Tax evasion, social security fraud and the “voucherless” shadow economy are not trivial offences and not “heroic”. We distance ourselves from them in every form and find that even behind the scenes of good product ideas and services, work must be done cleanly and in accordance with the law.

Fair play in competition

We support the idea of fair competition and distance ourselves from unfair methods. We see competitors as an incentive to constantly improve ourselves in the interest of our customers. This is especially true in the sustainable, green scene with its special ethical and moral demands on a new entrepreneurship and economic activity.

Clients & Service Providers

Our actions are holistically oriented towards the expectations and demands of our customers. This applies to exhibitors, cooperation partners and visitors to our events. Success is when the quality is right and the customers tell us so. We select our service providers in accordance with our own corporate values and standards. We cultivate a relationship based on partnership.

Memberships & Commitment

We are involved in various associations, societies and advocacy groups. In addition, we are co-initiators and jury members of the Green Heroes Award, which was launched in 2017.